When buying an apartment, we will always see a mandatory element near the name of the residential complex - the class of it. Today the most popular objects are "comfort" and "business" classes of residential complexes. Let's take a closer look at what a business class new building is.

There are mainly four groups of residential real estate: economy, comfort, business, premium (elite). Note that there are many similar classifications, all of which have different elements. Let's try to highlight those points that are characteristic of most of these descriptions.

Business class is characterized by the use of modern methods and materials of construction of buildings - monolithic frame construction technology, external walls made with ceramic blocks, the presence of a hinged, ventilated facade, etc. The combination of these factors allows you to quickly build houses and is a guarantee of excellent heat and sound insulation, environmental friendliness and building strength. Besides, business-class residential complexes look not only high quality, but also beautiful due to the implementation of individual architectural projects.

The class of houses under analyses has a competent layout of floors and apartments. Let's talk about the main "trick": up to 8 apartments on the floor; rough or finished (it is also optional to have ready-made turnkey apartments); necessary communications are established in the apartment; availability of two bathrooms in apartments with two rooms or more; high ceilings; availability of two-level apartments on the top floors; front outer niches for air conditioners.

The internal and adjacent infrastructure must correspond to the level of the house or residential complex. The adjacent territory of the residential project is a closed type, with security, video surveillance, concierge service in the lobby. Mandatory presence of the main parking lot (preferably underground) and guest, sports and children's playgrounds, arranged territory (with landscaping). Commercial and social infrastructure facilities are located within walking distance of the RC. Most often they are in the residential complex (supermarkets, cafes, kindergartens, etc.).

What is so special about a new building of a business class? This is a quality that is not inferior to housing of a premium class, but the price of it is closer to a comfort class. Therefore, apartments in residential complexes of a business class have well-deserved popularity.