Lviv is a city with a population of close to one million. Administratively, it is divided into six districts: Halytsky, Zaliznychny, Shevchenkivsky, Frankivsky, Lychakivsky and Sykhivsky. Everyone has their own prospects. It is important to understand this for making money on real estate.

In most cities, the central part is elite and developed. This is actually a guaranteed successful option for investing in real estate. Lviv is an exception. Halytsky district, which occupies the center, really has a high level of infrastructure development, a special status, and there is a lively flow of people.

Nuance. Lviv is a medieval city with beautiful architecture under state protection. Accordingly, there are historic buildings in the center. And rare houses can be found in other areas too, far from the central one. Next to the new building - from their windows overlooks the historic quarters. Accordingly, those who want to settle in a house older than 90-100 years live in Halytsky district. Impractical layouts, old communications, tourists - this is what lovers of antiquity have to put up with. Therefore, few want to live in Halytsky district.

It is interesting that opportunities for infrastructure development and for increasing the quality of life are different things. And here's why:

  • Zaliznychny - the center of its life is the railway, there is a large investment flow and good transport links here. However, noise and crowds offset these benefits.
  • Frankivsky is the antithesis of the previous one: quiet, far from tourist routes. But without special prospects for infrastructure development against the increasing pace of other administrative city units.
  • Sykhivsky - is growing rapidly in terms of quality of life and comfort due to modern conditions and investment in business. However, it is remote, with a very difficult and long route to other parts of the city, and therefore isolated enough.
  • Lychakivsky is the district one part of which is remote from tourists on one hand, on the other hand, the transport connection is convenient, and you can get to Halytskyi or Sykhivsky districts without any problems.
  • Shevchenkivsky is the most promising in terms of development due to investment in small enterprises. Close to the center, but not noisy. The future business center of the city.

That is why Lychakivsky and Shevchenkivsky districts are the leaders in apartment investing in Lviv.