Renting out an apartment is a popular type of business in Ukraine. The advantage of this type of activity is difficult to overestimate: there is no need to worry about suppliers of goods or service partners. You need to get real estate for rent - and look for customers. However, due to the difference between the price of housing and the cost of monthly rent, the investment will pay off in the long run. There are ways to make business more profitable.

Lviv is a popular tourist city. Daily rent is relevant among property owners. But the quarantine has shown that one can not entrust all your calculations and hopes to the tourism industry. During the epidemic, even domestic tourism suffers loss, and the number of those arriving from other countries is minimal. Permanent residents of the city who study here, work or simply moved from other cities, rent housing and pay during the quarantine. The average monthly rental for an apartment has fallen in quarantine, but those who rent out their real estate for a long term have kept their profits.

You can rent out any apartment in a city like Lviv. However, it is a challenge to rent it out profitably. The benefit is measured by the difference between its value and a monthly rental:

  • Three-room apartments are more expensive than two-room, but in terms of sales, the difference between them is greater than in the case of rent. To rent a two-room apartment means to be able to "reflect" its cost faster than if you rent a three-room apartment. Two-bedroom apartments are more liquid, i.e. it is easier to find a client for it. One-room apartments in this regard are also profitable.
  • New buildings are more attractive for long-term rent than old houses. Those who want to rent a housing for a year or more are looking for comfort, savings on utility bills, convenience and safety - all this is in high-quality projects of new buildings, where there is a fenced guarded territory, a boiler room, modern communications and thoughtful room planning.
  • Apartments in Shevchenkivskyi and Lychakivskyi districts will be suitable for long-term rent. Closer to the center in comparison to Sykhiv, but quieter than Halytskyi or Zaliznychnyi districts.

When choosing an apartment to invest in, find an option that will be a reliable and profitable source of interest income.