The housing stock of the city of Lviv is diverse: there are houses older than a hundred years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; buildings of the twentieth century by Polish architects; high-rise buildings of the Soviet era; housing projects since Independence.

Interesting fact: in terms of cost, in contrast to Kyiv, where the location plays a key role, in Lviv, the price of an apartment is tied to the condition of the house and repair. It is not easy, but it is realistic to find a cheap option for housing in the heart of the city in an old stone house. However, the relatively low price has its reasons - in the long run, life here will turn into costs. Conversely, new buildings are economical. Why?

The power supply and water supply system in old houses does not differ in quality. This leads to possible accidents with the light turned off, and to the need to invest additional funds in the replacement of wiring or pipes. There is no such problem in new buildings: communications are made at a good level, and they will serve for decades.

It is necessary to tell separately about heating:

  • Having your own boiler room means that you can turn on, turn off and adjust the heating according to the weather and real needs, and not in relation to calendar dates.
  • It is great if you use materials that retain heat and do not interfere with the natural circulation of air - you can heat the apartment efficiently, using less fuel.

In the long run, this means significant savings.

High-quality infrastructure is also a guarantee of savings:

  • It goes about parking - the presence of underground parking for residents and ground parking for guests allows you to save on storage of your own car and keep it handy.
  • There are shops, grocery stores, pharmacies and offices in commercial premises on the ground floors of new buildings, and therefore, you can save on travel expenses.
  • Planning is very convenient. The new buildings have pantries, on the ground floor - a place for storing bicycles. Practicality in the distribution of space is saving effort and time to find a place for things.

The comfort of optimal building infrastructure means saving time, which is no more important than saving money.