The pandemic has made adjustments in our lives. "Thanks" to it, the saying "My house is my fortress" has got a special meaning. For those who are self-isolated, work remotely, etc., housing has become a living space, the boundaries of which are undesirable to leave. Therefore, the purchase of an apartment during quarantine has become even a forced measure. After all, the issue of comfortable housing is now more acute than ever.

As far as you know, crisis is a time of opportunity. Paradoxically, at the moment the interest in real estate at least remains at about the same level as in the pre-quarantine period. This has been facilitated by developers who are trying to support consumer interest with advantageous offers, and buyers who see that, despite the situation, developers are maintaining the pre-quarantine pace of construction, so as not to cause panic in the market.

One of the trends of the analyzed period was the increase in demand for suburban real estate. It has become clear that it is easier to undergo quarantine restrictions in an environment with clean air and recreational areas. Demand has affected the sale of apartments in suburban residential complexes and the sale of private houses, townhouses, cottages.

Quarantine taught Ukrainians to be more careful when choosing a developer. The pandemic has become a litmus test that shows who can withstand even the pressure of such a global problem without stopping the construction of their facilities for a day, and for whom quarantine - "heavenly manna" to write off the chronic delays of their residential complexes commissioning.

According to experts in the construction industry, the best option for buying an apartment during quarantine has become housing of "comfort" and "business" classes, which is not as expensive as premium facilities, but is of high quality and sufficiently marginal to be completed for sure.

The disease has paused life forcedly. But do not postpone your plans to buy an apartment. It is necessary to take an opportunity, firstly, in order to take the maximum from profitable "Covid" offers of developers, and secondly, to provide yourself with a cozy home, which is not afraid of any virus.