Living in a new apartment is a dream that many people dream of. Although there are fans of "second homes" who do not like to mess with the repair and do not consider housing in the primary market, the benefits of apartments in new buildings are undeniable.

1. Technologies and construction materials. New buildings, even economy class, are different from outdated housing. High-quality building materials guarantee improved sound and heat insulation, reducing your utility costs. And these houses look stylish from the outside thanks to the latest facade systems.

2. Improved planning. Monolithic frame houses allow you to arrange the interior of your apartment to your liking thanks to the possibility of redevelopment of the interior. There are no long non-functional corridors, but the usual "bonuses" are in the set includes: a wardrobe or two bathrooms. And for creative people there is an opportunity to buy housing with free planning.

3. Adjacent territory and infrastructure. Own commercial facilities in the residential complex - the pros that apartment buyers distinguish in new buildings. Cafes, shops, salons - everything is at hand. And the territory of your complex will have playgrounds and sports grounds, places for rest, underground and above-ground parking lots. Agree, the Soviet housing stock is not able to boast of this.

4. Security. Modern residential complexes offer a closed area, round-the-clock security and video surveillance, concierge service, making relevant the statement: "My house is my fortress."

5. Favorable cost. The cost of housing in the secondary market is high, and in return you will get a dirty entrance, outdated communications and other "joys" of old houses. The advantages of the apartment in the new building are not only in the absence of the above mentioned things, but also in the "tasty" price. And if you buy a home at an early stage of construction of a house, the cost will be as good as possible. Please, keep in mind the reducing the financial weight from the developer when you pay installments.

When choosing a new home, you should consider many things to get the option you dream of. But when buying an apartment in a new building, be sure: instead you will get quality housing that will be your cozy home for many years.