Our dreams are often like a horizon: we see them, but they stand very far away. And starting to move towards them, we understand that they are still at such an unattainable distance. Sometimes the realization of a dream is really impossible if, say, you dream of being invisible or having all the riches of the world. However, there are dreams that we subconsciously put off for some reason, although they are easy to achieve.

One of these is the dream of living the life you want to live. Live and enjoy. Wake up in the morning in a sun-drenched room, have breakfast on the balcony or terrace with a beautiful view of the city, enjoy every moment in your beautiful apartment. "Unattainable?", you can ask.

"Not at all!" - Yuri Gorbunov and Katya Osadcha will say with confidence. The dream is easy to turn into reality thanks to NovaBudova and the developer's residential complexes located in Kyiv and Lviv. According to Yuri and Katya, stardom is determined not by external attributes, but by the internal state. To be a star means to feel confident, to feel protected and always, in any situation, to remain a bright person.

Housing from NovaBudova corresponds to all the above listed factors. Rest assured that our residential complexes will be built on time, and you will receive housing that meets the highest national and international standards. Feel safe, knowing that your money invested in residential complexes from our company will bring you profit. Remain a bright individual, choosing your unique apartment from a wide variety of layouts in one of the NovaBudova projects, each of which has its own unique features - the RC "Crystal Avenue", the RC "Shchaslyvyi PLATINUM", the RC "Shchaslyvyi" (Lviv).

Want to live like a star? It's rather simple. Create your star story with your new apartment and enjoy all the benefits it offers. Yuriy Gorbunov and Katya Osadcha are sure that the life you want to live is a dream that should not be shelved. So start implementing it now!

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  • Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, 14-A, Soborna street. Phone: 044 499 25 67; 067 663 89 35.
  • Lviv, 26, Tchaikovsky street; 67, V. Chornovola avenue. Phone: 032 294 94 55; 067 663 97 18.