Investing in real estate is a winning option, regardless of the type of investment - in ready-made apartments, under construction ones, in installments or in commercial real estate. To understand what to invest money in, decide on the amount of potential capital, terms of investment, market situation, etc.

Let's make a caveat: special attention is paid to the purchase of square meters in installments. This operation will help not only to reduce the burden on the budget by paying in installments, but also, unlike a mortgage, to do so without overpayments or with minimal interest.

When choosing the type of investment, decide what is your priority: a stable passive income or a maximum one-time return. In the first case, the best is an office space with an area of ​​500 sq.m. IT workers could be ideal tenants. In the second case, the ideal solution would be to invest in facilities with the potential to increase in price by reconstructing them, expanding the area, dividing the premises into parts, and by finishing them.

The investment strategy also includes forecasting potential profits in a few years. Calculate the risks of a particular investment and the sum you can sell your property at the end of the investment period. For example, it is known that the purchase and sale of commercial premises can take a long time, while with residential premises such issues are resolved faster.

About risks: consider possible problems with the postponement of construction completion, commissioning or even the risk of unfinished construction. Be responsible when choosing a developer, if the investment is related to the primary real estate market.

The situation in the real estate investment market changes every time. You need to constantly scan it to understand: if tomorrow a ready-made apartment in installments will be in trend for investment or a commercial space. But even with a small investment you can really get a modest, but stable, income. Start with your own opportunities and expert advice - and continue to make money on real estate