A definite layer of construction companies clients buy apartments not for living, but for resale. Real estate investing is a popular type of income that more and more people are interested in every year.

The investor always analyzes promising new buildings in Kiev for purchase and resale. There is the algorithm that includes five mandatory steps.

1. Choose a good time for resale. The best time to sell is now. There are two exceptions: the market crisis, which results in low costs for housing, or the preconditions for the fact that in the future the price of housing will rise. In other cases, you do not have to indulge in vain hopes of getting more money for resale. Otherwise you risk losing more than you gain.

2. Realtor / self-selling? It is best to trust a specialist. Independent sale is possible if in your environment there is no good realtor you know personally or acquaintances who could advise the qualitative expert. It is better to do everything on your own than to trust a person in whom you are not one hundred percent sure.

3. Preparation for sale. The stage includes a photo shoot, preparation of documents, analysis of market prices and competitive offers, advertising and selection of advertising space. Here the image of your object for sale is formed. The more attractive it will be, the more chances to sell the housing faster and more profitable.

4. We form the price for the apartment. A simple and effective method of estimating the cost of housing is to compare it with similar offers on the market. It is clear that the price includes the cost the housing was purchased, associated costs, cost of finishing (if the apartment is sold finished) and the expected profit. How to determine that you do not let it go too cheap? If the object is sold, the amount received is the real market price.

5. Sell correctly. Remember: one of the first who will be interested in your object and make a real offer will probably be a buyer. Therefore it is possible and necessary to bargain, to discuss more favorable conditions, but it is not necessary to reject the first potential buyers in the hope that then someday someone will offer much more. Choose a real offer.

Selling apartments in promising new buildings in Kiev can be a profitable business that brings a constant passive income. For this to happen, we recommend using our simple but effective recommendations