OSBB (association of apartment building co-owners, condominium) in new buildings in Kyiv and the region is a great alternative that has replaced state housing and communal services (ZHEK) and allows residents to manage the maintenance of their homes, as well as to improve the quality of living. The popularity of such condominiums is evidenced by the dynamics of growth of houses managed by residents: today it is about 20% of the total housing stock.

The process of creating this association by residents is laid down in the Law of Ukraine "On condominiums", created in 2001. The legal document prescribes all the intricacies of creating this structure and the stages, of which there are two.

The first step is a meeting of founders who intend to create a condominium. These include owners of apartments and non-residential premises who have already registered the right of ownership. According to the law, meeting is possible if the ownership extends to more than 50% of the premises (residential and non-residential). To begin with, the initiative group convenes a constituent assembly. Invitations to the meeting are sent to the residents, they must include the date and time, agenda, information about the initiators of the meeting. The meeting approves the decision to establish a condominium, its name and charter. All decisions are made by voting (more than a half of the votes of those who vote are required).

At the second stage, the work of the association (condominium) is registered and organized. The organizational aspects include: election of members of the board and audit committee, approval of the order of work of statutory bodies, declaration of the main aspects of work and main goals.

Among the biggest difficulties in creating condominium are the disorganization of people and the information vacuum: many still do not understand why this association is needed and why it is better than the state housing office. The need to spend money at the early stages - to pay for registration, printing and sending letters, the services of a lawyer (if necessary) can be frightening as well.

For the new buildings in Kyiv and the region, the association of apartment building co-owners (OSBB) is a priority option for the house management. You could probably agree with the statement that, when you want to do something perfect, it is better to do it yourself