Most people firmly believe that it is impossible to buy a penthouse for the same money as an apartment. It is believed that this is a luxury property that a "mere mortal" can not afford. The first part of the article will tell you what the penthouse is, and the second - why this information is not always true.

The term "penthouse" across the ocean is often translated as a "house on the brim of a hat." Such housing originated at the beginning of the last century in the United States during a period of shortage of real estate and did not look like the chic apartments that our fantasy is drawing today when we mention it. The "apartments on the roof" began to meet such luxurious status since the twenties of the twentieth century. Today, penthouse requirements are interpreted differently. In a broad sense, this is a luxury home or mansion (often with at least two floors) on the roof of an at least business class or skyscraper with an area bigger than average with large panoramic windows, a terrace, a roof exit.

Of course, there are criteria that define the concept of this type of housing in a completely different way: a separate elevator, windows on all four sides of the world, the presence of a winter garden or antiques, etc. It's all like the best traditions of Hollywood movies. To be honest, there are almost no such options in Ukraine, because they are  being bought out slowly"due to" the sky-high price.

To make it easier we will tell you why not to buy an apartment, but a penthouse - is a super option, which does not require huge investments. Especially when considering the option with the suburbs. For example, in Crystal Avenue business class in Petropavlivska Borshchagivka, three hundred meters from Kiev, the cost per square meter in the "twos", "triples" and penthouses is the same. That is, paying the same price, you can get a completely different housing status. Two-storey apartments with terraces, which are nice to relax, make the purchase more attractive. In addition, the terrace is not included in the total area, so, in fact, you get housing with an even larger area!

Therefore, the question of buying an apartment is reasonable to expand to the question of choosing between an apartment and a penthouse. And it seems to us that the winner is obvious in this battle.