To buy an apartment from a developer near Kiev is only a half of the battle. In order not to feel unbearable pain for possible "slips" of builders, it is necessary to treat the procedure of housing transfer from the developer to the investor responsibly.

How to take an apartment without finishing correctly? There are basic points that you must pay attention to. But before that, take a good look at the apartment. By law, you may do this all day long, so treat the process responsibly. Make a list of comments you see. Ask and clarify everything that seems incomprehensible.

So, here is a list of markers that require close attention.

1. Documentation. Check the technical and cadastral passport, technical documentation and warranty cards for doors and meters, explication, the act of putting the house into operational readiness.

2. Walls and a floor. If the developer commissions an apartment with a rough finish, make sure there are no damp spots and cracks.

3. Entrance door. Pay attention to the ease of closing, the serviceability of the eye. Fixation of rubber seals and handles must be reliable.

4. Windows. There must be no scratches, chips or other mechanical damage on the frames and double-glazed windows. Also make sure that all mechanisms work well.

5. Ventilation. Ventilation draft is to be checked at the closed entrance and an open window leaf. The flame must be deflected towards the ventilation shaft.

6. Water supply and sewerage. Compare with the serial numbers of the meters indicated in the passports and write down the data of the devices. Make sure that the water supply to the room functions properly.

We’d like to add that according to the requirements of the domestic legislation the developer is obliged to receive the permission documentation for object transfer into commissioning, and also it is obligatory to inform investors by the letter on the apartments readiness for the transfer.

Read the contract carefully and demand to correct all mistakes before signing it. Remember: buying an apartment near Kiev from the developer has to be wise. This quality will also be coming it handy at taking the housing from the developer, otherwise you will have to solve the problems independently, which takes lots of ​​time and money